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FCC Launches A $9 Billion Fund For 5G Connectivity In Rural Areas


The FCC is generating a 5G Fund worth $9 Billion to back high-speed rural connectivity. The funding is aimed to assist carriers set up 5G in difficult-to-serve regions, those that have rugged terrain and/or are lightly populated. Minimum $1 Billion will be locked for 5G to support meticulous agriculture.

“We must make sure that 5G narrows instead of it widens the digital gap and that rural people of the US get the advantages that arrive from wireless innovation,” Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman, claimed to the media in an interview.

The 5G Fund will be accessible via “reverse auction,” and it will restore the Mobility Fund Phase II worth $4.5 Billion, which was intended to extend 4G LTE connectivity in rural regions.

The FCC also acknowledged an analytical report, which discovered that suppliers were increasing their coverage maps for 4G LTE. As you may recall, Microsoft came to this decision in 2018. Now, the Commission claims that it will take actions to make certain that, moving forward, coverage data is precise.

“FCC employees performed countless speed tests to calculate performance of network and claimed that the coverage maps for MF-II submitted by specific carriers probably overstated every supplier’s real coverage and did not show on-the-ground experience in a number of cases,” the FCC claimed.

The FCC has spent heavily in extending broadband access to rural regions. Lately, it accepted another $137 Million to convey high-speed connectivity to 36,579 businesses and homes over the coming 10 Years. That funding was fraction of the Connect America Fund Phase II.

On a related note, the present 5G push by FCC may set up a clash with the satellite sector. Pai is looking for wireless frequencies’ public auction in the C-band spectrum (the 4–8 GHz range frequently employed by satellite firms) for the benefit of 5G service.

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