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Ford GoRide Health Jumps To Autonomy And Closes Down In 5 Cities

It appeared like things were going goof for GoRide Health by Ford. It is a platform that provided non-emergency transport to health care facilities and hospitals. This fall, it summarized a plan to extend into 40 regions over the period of 4 Years. Rather, Ford is closing down the service in the 5 regions it presently works. As per media, Ford is relocating to Miami its GoRide Health. Here, it will concentrate on autonomous cars.

GoRide Health will be available no longer in Detroit or Dayton, Toledo, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Cleveland. That will leave users looking for new methods to get to appointments, which is not a fine look for the firm.

The firm has not disclosed what its Miami-located program will seem like, only that the pilot will study the role self-directed cars might have. “Our studies from GoRide Health have resulted in a change in strategy,” Ford claimed to the media in an interview. “We are shifting to experiment with the ability for AV tech to assist enhance access to commute for those with restricted mobility.”

On a related note, Ford earlier claimed that it is expecting to convince fence sitters to lastly get an EV by making it simpler to look for charging stations. The firm has launched the FordPass Charging Network that it states has 12,000 charging stations in North America with over 35,000 plugs.

Users who purchase its next EVs, most probably comprising its Mustang-based EV, will get 2 Years of free access to the service from the time they purchase and enable their account of FordPass for the car. They will still have to spend money for charging their cars, although, which they can do using their car’s screen or the app, where they will also be able to look out for the closest charging stations.

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