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Higher Level Of Screen Use Linked With Signs Of Anxiety In Adolescence

According to a new study, behavioral factors such as television viewing, social media use, and computer use—but not video gaming—are associated with a surge in anxiety symptoms amongst adolescents. The study was led by scientists Drs. Boers, Conrod, and Afzali who are affiliated with the Department of Psychiatry at the UM (University of Montreal) and CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center. The research was published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry and showed that a higher than normal rate of social media use, computer use and television viewing for more than 4 Years predicts more serious symptoms of anxiety in that same time duration.

The study revealed that if a teenager had a surge in social media use, computer use, and television viewing in a given year that exceeded their overall average level of use, then the anxiety symptoms also amplified in that same year. Additionally, when teenagers lowered their social media use, computer use, and television viewing, their signs of anxiety became quite severe. Therefore, no lasting effects were seen. These are remarkable findings considering another latest publication by the same authors, stating links of television viewing and social media use on signs of depression, but not computer use. Therefore, it appeared that computer use is distinctively linked to increases in anxiety, possibly concerning using the computer for homework activities, but this calls for further research, said Elroy Boers—Study’s Lead Author.

On a related note, recently, a study showed that social anxiety disorder might augment perils of alcoholism. The new research was issued in the journal Depression and Anxiety and indicated social anxiety disorder could have a direct impact on alcoholism. Researchers studied social anxiety disorder, alcoholism, generalized anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, panic disorder, and specific phobias in 2,801 adult Norwegian twins through interviews. The study found social anxiety disorder had the strongest connection with alcoholism. Additionally, social anxiety disorder was associated with a greater peril of later progressing alcoholism, whilst other anxiety disorders were not.

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