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Asia Facing A Food Scarcity And Needs More $800 Billion To Solve It

According to a report, Asia is “incapable of feeding itself” and needs to put in another $800 Billion in the upcoming 10 Years to yield more food and meet up the region’s needs. In Asia, the population is rising and customers are demanding healthier, safe, and more sustainable food. The Asia Food Challenge Report was released in the last week and stated the food spending will increase twice, from $4 Trillion (2019) to more than $8 Trillion (2030). According to the instigators of the report that was compiled by Rabobank, PwC, and Singapore investment company Temasek, “If this spending does not materialize, we think the industry will find it tough to keep up with demand, causing to inferior food outcomes for Asia’s population.”

According to the report, “Asia is unable to feeding itself and is relying on imports from Europe, America, and Africa.” That is persistent with research from a 2018 UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) report. “Overall, countries in East Africa, Latin America, and South Asia are major food exporters, whilst most of the rest of Africa and Asia remain main food importers,” according to Key Statistics and Trends in International Trade. Richard Skinner—from PWC—said, “We are very dependent on others for our food and our technology. And if we don’t solve this problem now, there will be difficulties in future.” That shows that Asia relies greatly on other nations to fulfill one of its basic needs.

Similarly, UN agencies stated that record 45 Million people across southern Africa will experience the food crisis. A record of 45 Million people in southern Africa will face serious food scarcities in the next 6 Months, with about a quarter of them presently enduring drought-caused “crisis” food insecurity, three UN agencies cautioned in the recent time.

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